Embroiderers – The Walling of Ros

The Walling of Ros – Sixteen Guilds Protect their Town is in progress at New Ross at this present time.

This panel was started in October 2006 by the dedicated team of Anne-Marie Nolan, Frances Riley, John Ronan, Rosa Ronan, Pam Tegner, Treasa Young, Peggy Culleton, Ann Walsh, Virginia Thorne, Maureen Clarkin, Karol Cullen, Kay Dolan, Brigitte Jasper, Mary Maher, Sonia Foley and Elsie Foley.

They were joined in 2008 by participants on a Local Training Initiative sponsored by Fás; Deborah Reidy, Karol Cullen, Sheila Walsh, Margaret Wheeler, Thalia Smithwick and Staphanie Atkins.

Ros Tapestry Embroiderers