The People

Click on a panel title to read more about each embroidery group and their panel:

1. The Celts – An Island Fastness
2. The Abduction of Dervogilla
3. Arrogant Trespass – The Normans Landing at Bannow
4. The Siege of Wexford
5. Battles in the Kingdom of Ossory
6. The Sheaf of Corn – The Distaff Descent
7. William Marshal – The Flower of Chivalry
8. The Marriage of Isabel de Clare and William Marshal
9. Ex Voto Tintern Abbey – William Marshal’s Stormy Crossing to Ireland
10. The Hunt in the Forest of Ros
11. Gothic Glory – The Building of the Parish Church of St. Mary 1210
12. Evening – The Lighthouse at Hook Head
13. The Thriving Port of Ros
14. The Walling of Ros – Sixteen Guilds Protect Their Town
15. Exchange – The Irish and the Normans Mingle at the Fair